Year Theme explained

I have used this system of a Year Theme since 2017. It has helped me with my personal growth and becoming a better human. I’m sharing this knowledge so you can make positive changes as well to your life.

As a background: I learned the basic theory and expanded on it with other theories and personal development tools over the years. Tools that I will source to you (when usable).

You might be wondering: “why use a Year Theme. My New Year’s Resolution works fine!”

If your yearly Resolution works then I am happy for you. Though it might be that your resolution is not a Resolution but more of a Theme. Let me know how that works, because that is something I’m curious about!

Why I think that a New Year’s Resolution doesn’t work is that it’s usually relevant for a couple of weeks. In my experience this is like singing an “I want song”. Fun while it lasts, but mostly forgettable.

Like mentioned above a Year Theme is positively formulated and usually a little vague. This vagueness comes in the form of its formulation. So instead of Resolution “I want to lose 20kg” or “I want to be more healthy” you have the Theme “Year of Health” or “Joyful Movement”. The difference is that the Theme is not an I want song, it’s an I want book you write yourself. It helps you cultivate yourself, allowing you to learn more about yourself over the years and becoming a better human being.

To better understand it, it’s best to create one and try it. For a month, season or a year.

A Year Theme is deliberately vague. This is to help empower you. Make your decisions easier the moment you need to make them. As an example, the user of “Joyful Movement” Theme can go to a dance club, do Tai Chi or go out for frequent walks. Anything that makes you more joyful is allowed. And if a friend asks you to join at the Fast Food place and you cannot say no, take note of that but bend it into a reward. Make you feel like something you earned by walking of taking your bike to the restaurant. Incorporate movement in your lifestyle, whatever it may be. Mosty important here is your mindset: Do not consider the above example as cheating, but as a form of compensation to make incremental improvements.

    You can use journaling or vlogging to actively work on your Year Theme.If you need help I recommend you check out I haven’t personally used the system on display, but I recognise that it makes a Year Theme easier and helps to track progress in a simple way.

    Should you have more questions don’t hesitate to contact me via my contact page.