How I would display a sith lord

How I would display a Sith lord is a question that got raised after watching a video from my Youtube suggestions. I am somewhat dedicated to the few channels I’m subbed to because of it’s subject or personality.

One of these channels is the Star Wars channel. Home to all news Star Wars and the official place to be for trailers and other events like Star Wars Celebration. I have a strange kind of relationship with the franchise. I once tried to explain it to a former colleague of mine, who is a big Star Wars movies fan.*

I think Star Wars is really cool for what it does for Science Fiction. It has nice clean (ship) designs, cool cultures and a very good soundtrack. But I think the story is sometimes a bit lackluster. Characters can be a bit bland. It feels like it’s missing something for me. Something that makes them stick better then they do. Don’t get me wrong: I love what the Clone Wars and the books I’ve read do for the depth of some of the characters. But the films on their own, they are raising questions because things aren’t as fleshed out as I want it to be. And this comes partially due to the format. There is only so much a writer/director can do in 2,5-3 hours. Especially when you have a somewhat larger cast of characters.**

It just doesn’t satisfy my storytelling needs. And this saddens me because I WANT it to be more then it shows. I wanted it to be more, but sadly, it isn’t.

So to fill my Star Wars needs I watch the Star Wars Show on the Youtube’s and sometimes get some nice suggestions about the Star Wars storyworld or any of the films. When I found this video, it gave me a satisfying feeling. Not only did I watch a level-headed evaluation of the movie, I got the idea for this post. The part in the movie review about Kylo Ren got me thinking. As far as I know, there is no real Sith lord currently present in the lore. This is because the Sith Order ended with the death of Sidious and Vader.***

This little entry got the creative juices flowing. Combined with the missing Padawans from Luke’s new Jedi Order (which is a hole that probably will be plugged in the future) I came up with the idea that one of the padawans was also recruited and send to a distant planet in search for artifacts of the Emperor. This one is skilled in the Dark Side, but more focused towards the mystical aspects. You can argue that the focus in Star Wars currently is on the warrior archetype versus the mystical archetype. I personally like the latter one, but I’m also aware that the mystical aspects are a bit harder to grasp without the tutelage from a master. But we’ve got to have a canonical counter to Ahsoka Tano, right?

So in my opinion there is enough space for these characters. I hope you’ve had a lovely Fourth of May/Star Wars month and enjoy my short [which will come later]. I celebrated by reading the Phasma book and I will be visiting “Solo” later this month.

*Dedicated to the movies, not anything else

**If you’ve read and watched The Hobbit films you know what I mean

*** please see this entry, 2nd paragraph Early life