Repost of My Ahsoka Tano blog

Original air date: May 4 2016

Below you’ll find a repost of my blog of Ahsoka Tano. I wrote this before I read the novel



I find it funny that this word-play evolved into an international event. I love Star Wars for the cultural diversity and designs (biological and technical) that it shows on screen. I support this burst of fandom and geekiness and participate with a post. And it’s about something that has been lingering in my thoughts since the end of the Clone Wars series. That moment when Ahsoka Tano, a character not known to the films walks out of the picture with unknown destination.

She took our hearts by surprise. She brought colour and understanding to the characters (see also this post I found while doing research) and the universe, as an unseen guide for (young) people not familiar with the Star Wars universe. And in the end she chose to do the most difficult thing anyone can do in his or her life: walk away from everything that you know since age three. She left the characters in the show and the viewers watching with something to think about. After all that happened: one animated film and five seasons, that is 67 episodes (If I counted correctly), she vanishes. We all know the reason for this, and in hindsight I dearly miss her in the films.

She pops back up some time later, in Star Wars Rebels. Probably as a partial fan service but also because she is an interesting character. She was always the one who for me brought charm to the Star Wars universe, which to me is filled with characters who either don’t show emotion because it’s evil, or characters who are pissed or evil all the time. I know I’m a little black and white here but there are not many characters in the films that I feel could be more explored. For example: I loved how they peeled of the external layers of Obi-Wan in the Clone Wars (the Mandalore’s Death Watch episodes). It showed more character, but most is still missed when you only watch the films. You know what I mean if you watched the Clone Wars series.

Back to the topic at hand: Ahsoka Tano. After the dramatic ending of season two of Star Wars Rebels we apparently get a book later this year covering the missing period of her life. Between the moment she walked away from the Jedi Order and reappearing with the rebellion. She escaped Order 66 because she was A: not a Jedi anymore and B: not near any stormtroopers?

Along the way she meets Bail Organa who organises the rebellion. This is all we know. She was probably off Curuscant, because why would you want to stay there. It is part of the life she want to leave behind her.

These things were spinning around in my head a couple years back after watching the show. I see only options for a character when there is no goal or direction for the near future. So my creative side goes on a roll and out comes the following.

Our starting point is Curuscant, Ahsoka wandering around. Feeling a bit lost. She probably has no credits (because the Order financed everything) and needs to beg for money. But she is reluctant to do so, for personal reasons. As she wanders around someone appraoches her. He has seen her face on the news/wanted posts a couple days back and he offers to buy her a meal at a local restaurant. Pondering her options Ahsoka agrees. She’s hungry and she senses no evil intentions in him.

While eating, the man explains he’s a smuggler who helps people offworld and to disappear. He says the Republic is failing to provide for it’s people and many want to leave. It will be his last run off planet, since he feels the heat. He’s willing to take her with him. She can work on his ship as payment. She agrees, wanting to get off-world. He gives her information on how to reach his ship and leaves, to take care of other business.

As Ahsoka walks to the ships hangar she is attacked by unknown men. She easily defeats them in hand to hand combat and it turns out it was a test from the smuggler. He is confident that their enterprise is benificial to them both.

As she works on the smugglers ship for some time, she learns that he not only takes people off-world but also smuggles illegal goods. It is something that angers her, but she learns that most goods are for a Rebellion that has appeared after the fall of the Jedi. During her service on the ship she is very careful not to show Jedi powers and trying to minimise her presence in the Force. This time gives her a purpose: to help people in need.

With the rise of the rebellion relationships and loyalties somewhat shifted, the smuggler becomes a more active agent for the rebellion without Ahsoka knowing. She finds out when a mission goes wrong and she protects the smuggler and Bail Organa from a deal gone wrong. It is at that time she uses her force powers for the first time since leaving the Jedi Order. It is at this time that the smuggler agrees that her payment is done and she is free to go where ever she want. Wanting to help people in need she becomes an agent for the rebellion, and as a gift for saving his life, Organa gives her two Lightsaber Crystals. He invites her in to go over the details and to assign her to a crew.


The last paragraph is of recent creation, with the information that I collected while doing a little research. I fleshed some bits out while writing, but the backbone hasn’t changed. Now that you’ve read my piece, we can only wait till October 11th. I’m thrilled to learn what the writers come up with.

May the Fourth be with you.