On dreams and bucket lists

As we approach the end of the year I would like to take a moment to talk about the importance of having dreams and keeping a bucket list. I spent the largest part of November travelling New Zealand; and as you perhaps read the notification on my homepage; this was a bucket list destination. Ever since I saw The Lord of the Rings trilogy, I’ve wanted to visit this country with green pastures, dense forests and wild mountain ranges.

Epic vacation 

I very much enjoyed my vacation. The weather was brilliant and the group1 was very nice as well. Outside of the fact that New Zealand is a beautiful country. Because of the aforementioned reasons, I have absolutely no regrets about spending a large sum of money to enjoy my stay there. It is not cheap to fly from Europe to New Zealand and stay for 22 days, so I saved enough money to not have to look at my bank account. Whilst I did not spend it without caution, I certainly lived at a higher spending standard. Looking back, this vacation has taken a somewhat epic proportion. I have many stories about many different topics which I can share with anyone who asks; I made 2680 pictures with my camera and kept a personal diary which counts 100 pages!

Over the coming weeks I’ll work on my photo book, one of the last milestones of this “project”. I know it will not be cheap, but it will be a source of fond memories and inspiration for as long as I live.

The importance of dreams

So, why am I sharing this? 

It’s not just because I’m still riding the high of the experience. As I mentioned before, visiting New Zealand was a bucket list item. Something I wanted to do for a very long time. And it’s given me so much joy and fulfilment that it is evidence that you need to act upon your dreams. I realise that I’m very lucky that I can financially do this. Not everyone can fulfil a wish so expensive. And I’m not here to encourage you to break the bank.

I’m here to tell you that if you have the possibility to scratch one thing off your bucket list, do it! Don’t be afraid. Things can only go differently than you imagined. I never imagined to meet such wonderful people; have deep, meaningful conversations and be seasick whilst trying to find a whale. You win and you lose in life. Life is hard. But it does not mean that you should deny your creativity or your wanderlust. Know your goal and break it down into small steps. Make the first step an easy one. Take it from me: My novel has developed over the last five years from the desire to write a book into a 73.000 word draft. Even when it’s not done, I know I learned so much over the course of the project. Skills I can implement in my working life and in my next (writing) projects. The dream was the catalyst; the process brought value.


Whatever your dream is, I hope you can execute the first, small step. That is what’s important. To use an advertising slogan: Just Do It!

Be open to learn and adapt. It will give you insight into yourself. To learn about what you like and don’t like, is to grow as a person. 

As you experience growth, your dream will develop as well. My writing dreams are still there. It’s just that my short-term execution will change once my novel is done. This is an example of something I learned: I simply lack the time to keep the proper attention span on such a large project. Or that’s what I think of it now. It may change again, depending on the situation.

These kind of insights are part of being human; and I wish everyone can experience positive growth and fulfilment in their life.

Happy holidays and stay safe!


1. Of the group I knew no one beforehand. I only saw a list of names but is was a delight to meet these people and have the experience of this shared journey.