Prose & Poetry

Added October 8th, 2022

Eyes that pierce the darkness

like the blue sky following the clear, dark night.

Exposing that which we thought hidden.

Filling a threadbare existence with the light and warmth of a new day.

A page turned,

a chapter started.

We, whom are mere shadows upon existence, find each other

and be there, for all to see.

The warrior

Added March 21th, 2022

I am the warrior

he who stands tall in the face of adversity

My life is the hardest path

It is by choice

The warrior’s path

To face challenges with an open mind and a courageous heart

to overcome them 

with dignity and honor.

I am the warrior

Studious and ambitious

Kind and respectful

Humble in my task

Powerful to achieve my goal.

The warrior’s life

a story to be told to those who ask

the ill deeds along with the good

and let me be judged accordingly.

Princess of the Sea

Added May 16th, 2021

Waves crash in the distance

and yet, you seem lost

The land that led you off the path

surrounds you, like a sea of grass

This sea is not your home

Will you allow me to help find it

You need to return to your inner, peaceful ocean

where time and age will not reach

The sea, where you are never alone

Heart of the Forest

Added May 16th, 2021

Silent, even when the wind rustles the leaves

and dew drops of branches

This place, only I can go

Guarded by the bee of the path

Who holds the clock of thinking

and sent me onto the journey of meeting

This place, only I am allowed

My heart of the forest