Disclaimer & writing standards

Why I write

I find the world of stories and characters fascinating. I have been creating stories for myself since I was little. When playing with Lego or Matchbox toy cars, it sparked my imagination skyhigh. More then 20 years have past since, and I haven’t stopped creating stories for myself. Games, films and series provided new fuel for my everlasting escapism. Now the time is here to share. Share my stories and creativity with the world. And time to learn through reading theory books and acquired feedback. I see this as a a new step in the never ending process of learning. Learning about characters, writing styles, writing and many more things. And I will share what I can along the way. If you have a tip or if you want to contact me directly, find me on social media or fill in the contact form. Untill then: Stay a while and have fun reading!

Writing standards

We are all humans. [Unless you are from outer space and somehow found your way to my webpage. Greetings, traveller of the interwebs].

We tend to get carried away by the things we love the most. Simply because those are the things we are most invested in. When I write provide feedback or critique at a work of fiction I always try to balance the good with the bad. And I never will intentionally harm a person in my writing. As I said, we are all humans. And we should respect each other for who we are.


Disclaimer About my header picture

My header picture currently features the Pillars of Creation from the Eagle Nebula. I specifically chose this picture because it represents the volatile process of creating a story. And as nature strikes a delicate balance when it creates, so must we search for that balance when creating storyworlds, characters and stories.

This picture is not used for commercial use. My website has at the moment no intention to. It exists to bring my stories to you, the reader.

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If you are a copyright holder and for a specific reason want me to remove the image, please do not hesitate to contact me.