Superrelatie Weekend in 8 songs (English text)

Click for Dutch version / Nederlandse tekst

Last weekend I attended the Superrelations Weekend in the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam.Together with 5000 other participants I meditated, did excercises and danced under the guidance of David and Arjan of 365 Dagen Succesvol.

It was a beautiful and impactful weekend which gave me many insights and lasting imprints.

To me this weekend is a small part of the 365 Dagen Succesvol yearprogramme that I follow. For others a first or second acquintance. And it’s a pretty intense, emotional occasion. You find yourself in a semi-bubble for two days to work on your (inter-)personal relationships. It switches from deep introspection to exuberant dancing. Something you notice in the days following the weekend, when fatigue and headaches are very present. To give all the impressions a lasting place I selected a couple songs that represent my feeling of the weekend.

I chose these songs based on the impressions and the lessons that I take with me, and based on the positive feedback of other people on my personal growth of the last 1.5 year that I am part of the 365 participatants.

So with this idea in mind I chose these specific songs. I know that there are a lot of songs that represent a similar feeling, so I would like to know which songs represent the experience to you. This is my choice, in random order.*

*I assume you can find the lyrics for yourself, if needed.


Muse: Undisclosed Desires.

A record which representsd the gnawing feeling on the dark side of your personality and your relationship. You want more, but you’re not always capable to give in to the feeling or know how to express this. I know from experience that taking small steps to eventually show the most beautiful side of a personality works like a charm. Just because we want to show our best to the world.


Novastar: The best is yet to come.

The feeling that having a relationship is sometimes very hard. And you choose not to run but to invest in the relationship. Because then the best is yet to come.


Joe Hisaishi: Howl’s Moving Castle main theme/Merry Go Round

To me this beautiful piece symbolises the dance of life. Sometimes hard and with setbacks, other times full of love and happyness.


Christopher Tin: Sogno Di Volare (the dream of flight)

The title of this song was my personal theme last year. It represents the hope and dreams of man to fly. It is a call to adventure, a rise to the challenge to go as high as you can go. Because in the great hights, you will feel at home. So rise to the challenge and do something that allows you to use your creative energy.

psst: live version


Tatsuro Yamashita: Sparkle

To find that sparkle, which makes a person shine. That beautiful sparkle in someones eyes so you know that this person does something where his or her heart lies.

A tip for people who want to feel that sparkle, but are not sure what it is or how it looks like: Do something that makes you happy. Follow your bliss. It may take time before you find that specific thing that makes you the happiest, but if you don’t start (re)searching you will never find what your sparkle is.


Mumford & Sons: The Cave

To change the way why you do things. To conquer your dark side by rising to the challenge. This way you will approach your own personality, free of the influences of others in your life.


Ilse DeLange: Lay your weapons down

Sometimes there are difficulties in relationships. And we are all guilty on something. Take your responsibility for your partner and yourself. Choose to talk and to research were things go wrong instead of allowing escaltion and leave each other blindly.

On September 14th, there is special attention in The Netherlands for the biggest victims of divorce: children. Click here!


Idina Menzel/ Frozen: Let it go

Maybe you’re afraid for other people opinions, but you will see that if you only give in fo a little bit you will see that things will unfold by themselves. My message to you is: choose your own path and you will experience a great sense of flow. A place where you are at your best. The world is your canvas. Show us what you create, and allow us to enjoy your unique personality.