Welcome to the archive of note. A place were I link directly to blogs of note with publication date.

Writing process

My experience of writing a first draft of my first book (2020).

  1. Structure (published May 2nd, 2020)
  2. Worldbuilding (published June 18th, 2020)
  3. Conflict (published July 20th, 2020)
  4. Focus (published August 15th, 2020)
  5. Prose (published October 25th, 2020)
  6. Finishing and looking forward (published December 15th, 2020)

Animation & Music

Carole & Tuesday: Watanabe and the power of music (publised November 15th, 2020)

To Shiver the Sky (published September13th, 2020)

Cowboy Bebop: celebrating 20 years of humanity (published October 14, 2018)