Welcome, to my website. I am Marc, writer and worldbuilding enthusiast. I write here about the story universes I visit in my spare time and keep you updated on my book. There are also some short stories and poetic texts on the prose & poetry page for you to enjoy

Updated: April 1, 2024:

Year Theme explained

Next blog update: To be announced

New short story (Q2 2024)

Title: The Endless House

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Status of my first book:

First Draft – completed. Word count: 56.560
Second Draft – completed. Word count: 69.872
Third Draft – In progress. All done until chapter 27 + 31. Chapters to do per November 1: 28-30 + 32-41.

Editing updates:

– Digital edit word count: 48.495 words per October 22 –
– Edits on paper: All done per November 1rst
– Total current chapters: 43 (Total est 72.996 per November 1) –

Writing updates video playlist (youtube)

First book worldbuilding (under development) on WorldAnvil

HiPerks Foundation

Ambassador / affiliate

(For Dutch speakers only)

The HiPerks Foundation is a foundation for young Dutch-speaking people (12 to 35 years old) with a physical disability and/or acquired brain injury. They want to bring them together by providing information on accesibility features in games and provide a platform where they can talk and play video games with other disabled people.

Do you want to experience personal growth? Take steps to find that thing you want to do in your life? Read here why I am part of the 365 Dagen Succesvol Ambassador programme and see if you want to make meaningful changes in your life.

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